Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Having the right hairstyle is part of having the perfect wedding day. these Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women help you make sure this happens. Every hairstyle includes easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of step-by-step photographs.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

1-Ravishing Waves

Whо ѕауѕ уоu nееd lоng hair tо create a lоng luscious design аt уоur wedding? In thiѕ hairstyle, short hair iѕ enhanced with lоng curled extensions.

wedding hairstyles for black women

how to get it

1-Wash and blow dry the hair. Brush the hair back and gather it in a high ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is tight.

black wedding hairstyles 2-Select hair extensions that match your hair color and affix them to the ponytail.

wedding hairstyles for black women 3-Using a double-barrel curling iron, roll a section of hair between the two prongs to make an X shape.

wedding hairstyles for black women 4-Hold the hair in the curling iron for about 10 seconds and then release gently.

wedding hairstyles for black women 5-Roll the same section of hair with just one prong of the curling iron to create small, styled curls.

6-Roll the hair carefully and make an effort to get right to the root of the extension.

7-Continue in this manner, rolling each section of hair first with the double-barrel curling iron and then with a single curling iron, until the entire hair extension has been curled.

8-To ensure that the hairstyle lasts for a long time, mist a little holding spray on each section of hair before curling it.

9-To add volume, grasp a curl at the end and push back the hair towards the roots with your fingers.

10-Push back the hair all the way to the root to give the entire curl a soft natural look.

11-Repeat this technique with all of the curls in the hairstyle, for a really full look.

12-After pushing back the curls, gently pull it back to its previous state.

13-Repeat this technique with all the hair.

wedding hairstyles for black women 14-To create a playful hairstyle, use bobby pins to secure the hair all around the head.

15-Use a mirror when pinning the curls. In this way you can ensure that the curls you pin at the back create the effect you want when they are seen from the front.

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wedding hairstyles for black women

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